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fellow application

Now Accepting Applications for 2017 Fellows Program!

Jul 20, 2016 by Jennifer Russell

ZwillGen, a leading boutique law firm specializing in the intersection of law and technology, is seeking candidates for its 2017 Fellowship Program. The program presents a unique opportunity to work with and learn from some of the most experienced privacy and data security lawyers representing the biggest names in technology. The ZwillGen Fellow position is...

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The EU-U.S. Privacy Shield is official. This post explains what Privacy Shield is, what it requires, what has changed since the first version proposed in February 2016, how to join, and the benefits of joining early. What’s the Bottom Line? The EU and several other European jurisdictions restrict transfers of personal data to the United...

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When you offer a website with services and offerings that are accessible to millions of people with a simple click of a mouse, one important way to reduce risk is to craft an enforceable arbitration provision with a class action waiver. Requiring arbitration would theoretically prevent litigants from maintaining costly class action lawsuits. To be...

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Stoops TCPA

TCPA Farmers Lose a Crop to Spokeo

Jul 12, 2016 by Mason Weisz

Melody Stoops’s TCPA-claim business just took a hit. Here’s how she built her scheme, and what went wrong, according to the recent decision in Stoops v. Wells Fargo Bank. Stoops knew that the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) prohibits companies from using certain automated equipment to place non-emergency calls or text messages to cell...

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privacy shield

EU Member States Approve EU-U.S. Privacy Shield

Jul 8, 2016 by Brett Weinstein

Representatives from EU member states have given their approval of the revised Privacy Shield data transfer program, setting the stage for its formal approval and implementation in the immediate future. According to European Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip and Commissioner Věra Jourová, the member states comprising the Article 31 Committee gave “their strong support to the...

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The FTC has increased the maximum civil penalty from $16,000 to $40,000 per violation of laws such as the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), CAN-SPAM, and the Telemarketing Sales Rule (“TSR”). The Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act required the FTC to adjust its maximum civil penalties for inflation under a specified formula. See...

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