Daily Digest – March 29, 2011

Published On March 29, 2011 | By Lisa Branco | Data Security, General, Privacy
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* A new McAfee/SAIC study indicates that cybercriminals are shifting their efforts to target sensitive corporate information instead of credit card and other personal information. A quarter of the companies surveyed for the study reported that data breaches delayed new product rollouts or M&A activities.

* Attorney General Martha Coakley announced that the Briar Group, a restaurant company that owns several bars and restaurants in the Boston area, had agreed to a settlement requiring them to pay $110,000, implement password management systems at each of its restaurants, and comply with the PCI DSS to settle allegations that it did not comply with the Massachusetts information security regulations.

* German privacy advocate demonstrates how movements can be tracked with mobile phones and how much detail can be augmented from publicly available sources. In the U.S., Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) is planning to introduce legislation to provide legal protections for geolocation information, including prohibitions on tracking someone via a wireless device (such as a mobile phone) without a warrant or prior consent from the person being tracked.