FTC Seeks Comments on “Dot Com Disclosures” Guidance for Online Advertising

Published On May 26, 2011 | By Lisa Branco | FTC & State AG, General
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The FTC announced today that it seeks comments from interested parties on possible revisions and updates to its “Dot Com Disclosures” guidance for online advertising, originally issued in May 2000.
Since the original guidance was issued, there have been drastic changes in the online world, including the rise of mobile marketing and applications and the widespread use of social networking.  The FTC specifically asks for comments on questions related to those changes and other issues, including the following:

  • What issues have been raised by new online technologies, Internet activities, or features that have emerged since the business guide was issued (e.g., mobile marketing, including screen size) that should be addressed in a revised guidance document?
  • What issues raised by new laws or regulations should be addressed in a revised guidance document?
  • What research or other information regarding the online marketplace, online advertising techniques, consumer online behavior, or the effectiveness of online disclosures should be considered in a revised guidance document?
  • What specific types of online disclosures, if any, raise unique issues that should be considered separately from general disclosure requirements?
  • What guidance in the original “Dot Com Disclosures” document is outdated or unnecessary?
  • What guidance in “Dot Com Disclosures” should be clarified, expanded, strengthened, or limited?
  • What issues relating to disclosures have arisen from multi-party selling arrangements in Internet commerce, such as (1) established online sellers providing a platform for other firms to market and sell their products online, (2) website operators being compensated for referring consumers to other Internet sites that offer products and services, and (3) other affiliate marketing arrangements?

The full request for comments can be found here.

Comments may be submitted electronically on the FTC’s website.  The last day to submit comments is July 11, 2011.

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