ZwillGen has a new logo

Published On September 1, 2011 | By Marc Zwillinger | General
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Sorry to interrupt the steady flow of breaking news, but, as of today, September 1, 2011, ZwillGen PLLC has a new logo, or what the experts call a new “brand,” as you can see below.

Why the change?  Our old logo and brand served us well when we were getting our offices off the ground, but now with 8 lawyers in 3 cities, it’s time to ensure that the ZwillGen look and feel aligns with who we are and what we represent.  Or, for you originalists (or fans of the Jefferson memorial), what Thomas Jefferson would say about keeping our old logo is that “we might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy.”

So, what does our new logo intend to convey? As much as a logo can, it is supposed to tell you who we are: we’re bold, driven, innovative, edgy, fiercely independent, and confident that we are the best at what we do.   It’s supposed to tell you that we are results-oriented and that we will help guide our clients where they need to go, ready to take on the most challenging questions and provide concrete practical answers, all for good value, with an appropriate lack of deference to the traditional ways in which big law firms provide services.

Did you get all that? If not, you will soon as we continue to roll out the new ZwillGen brand.  Stay tuned for many changes to our website and blog design.   And while we’re on the topic of “bold,” please check out Jennifer Granick’s post below on the new decision on cell-site data (and my comment on it).  It’s a bold new world for privacy and the Fourth Amendment.

About The Author

Marc is the founder and managing member of ZwillGen PLLC and has been regularly providing advice and counsel on issues related to the increasingly complex laws governing Internet practices, including issues related to Electronic Communications Privacy Act (“ECPA”), the Wiretap and Communication Acts, privacy, CAN-SPAM, FISA, spyware, adware, Internet gambling and adult-oriented content. He also helps Internet Service Providers and other clients comply with their compliance obligations pertaining to the discovery and disclosure of customer and subscriber information.