Randy V. Sabett Participates in GAO Cybersecurity Roundtable

Published On September 18, 2012 | By Jennifer Russell | General
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The Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently invited ZwillGen counsel Randy Sabett to participate in a panel discussion on cybersecurity strategy that was held on Friday, September 14, 2012.  Given the GAO’s role in the cybersecurity fabric and the recent

Congressional failure to pass cybersecurity legislation, analyzing the challenges faced by the federal government in addressing a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity seems like a logical next step for the GAO.  The panel discussion comprised part of that analysis and elicited views from a number of experts on several different issues.

Both strategic and tactical topics were addressed, including the direction of cybersecurity in the country, roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders, and information sharing.  The panel comprised a number of senior members of the cybersecurity community, including the former national Cybersecurity Coordinator, along with participants from technical, academic, legal, and business perspectives.  The participants engaged in a robust dialog on the above topics and provided valuable feedback for the GAO.

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Jennifer Russell worked with ZwillGen from 2014-2018.