European Commission Seeks New Restrictions on Online Gambling

Published On July 16, 2014 | By Mason Weisz | International
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In an attempt to modernize regulation of online gambling in the EU, the European Commission has formally adopted a recommendation to EU member states, urging them to legislate new consumer protections, including restrictions on the operation and advertising of gambling services. The EC’s recommendation (provisional version available here) advises member states to include the following in their gambling rules:

  • Requirements to allow players to “self-exclude” themselves from a gambling website, including by allowing players to lock themselves out of the website for 1 day or for 6 months.
  • Requirements to provide support to players to prevent gambling-related problems, such as providing the ability to set spending limits during the registration process.
  • Age and identity verification requirements for gambling website account registration.
  • Requirements that gambling websites provide consumers with information about the risks related to gambling.
  • Requirements that prevent minors from gambling online, and rules that minimize their contact with gambling and gambling-related advertising and promotion.
  • Restrictions on the content of gambling advertising.
  • Training requirements for employees of gambling websites.

The European Commission has requested member states to report on implementation within 18 months and will then issue a further report. Further information is available on the European Commission website.

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