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Jacob Sommer's practice focuses on legal issues related to Internet-based services and social networking, with a focus on protecting client's rights in litigation or government investigations involving the Copyright Act, Lanham Act, Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"), Electronic Communications Privacy Act (“ECPA”), the Wiretap and Communication Acts, CAN-SPAM, FISA and federal and state laws governing Internet gambling. He also helps social networks, search engines, e-mail providers, ISPs and other clients fulfill their compliance obligations pertaining to the discovery and disclosure of customer and subscriber information.

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The SEC Wades into Cybersecurity Waters

October 18, 2011 | 0 Comments

Hot on the heels of its recent enforcement actions under Regulation S-P against broker-dealers for disclosure of information to non-affiliated third parties, the SEC has again waded into cybersecurity and privacy waters by providing specific...

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Though the subject of litigation for twenty-five years now, ECPA cases still address what most would consider basic issues.  The Ninth Circuit, in Sulzon Energy v. Microsoft Corp., No. 10-35793 (9th Cir. Oct. 3, 2011),...

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Texas has never been known as a state that loves to regulate and its current governor has made a name for himself by being staunchly anti-regulation, but its recent Texas Security Breach Bill (HB 300),...

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The New Jersey Supreme Court weighed in on the ever evolving issue of when a blogger becomes a “journalist” that can claim protection under state law providing “newsperson’s privilege” in Too Much Media, LLC v....

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On May 23, 2011 Bradley Franzen changed his plea from not guilty to guilty in the Southern District of New York.  Franzen pled guilty to charges outlined in a superseding information filed against him the...

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The Northern District of California issued its order on Facebook’s motion to dismiss in In re Facebook Privacy Litigation, No. C 10-02389 JW (N.D. Cal. May 12, 2011) yesterday.  The court dismissed all of Plaintiffs’...

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