FTC Year in Review and 2018 Resolutions

Even with only an Acting Chairman and one Commissioner, the FTC had a busy year in 2017. In this webinar, we'll discuss noteworthy developments and enforcement actions from the FTC in 2017 and their potential impact for 2018.

Connected Toys, Chatbots and COPPA The Future is Here

When your kids talk to a toy or chatbot, who really is listening and what are the legal implications of those conversations? In this webinar, ZwillGen’s FTC veterans, Kandi Parsons and Stacey Brandenburg, will discuss two hot issues that have grabbed or likely will soon have the FTC’s attention – connected toys and chatbots.

Privacy Developments: What Will 2017 Bring?

Internet of Things. SmartTVs. Ransomware. Privacy Shield. Drones. This year proved another dynamic one in the privacy and security space. What issues do we expect to see in 2017? This webinar will highlight some key issues that we expect will garner attention in the upcoming year.

Crafting Enforceable Arbitration Clauses in Online Consumer Contracts

This webinar will review recent case law regarding arbitration provisions, and discuss best practices for obtaining contractual assent to online terms of service. We will also discuss how to craft an enforceable arbitration provision and address several other salient issues relating to arbitration provisions, such as who decides whether such a provision is enforceable.