Cross-Device Regulation

During this webinar, we will discuss cross-device regulation and self-regulation, including recent developments at the FTC and the DAA. We will also discuss potential regulatory risks on the horizon in 2016 involving cross-device tracking, and how to mitigate against them.

Data Onboarding: Background and Privacy Principles

During this webinar we will describe the new data business models that have arisen around the use of “offline” data (such as CRM data) through online channels, what regulatory and self-regulatory rules apply, and what best practices are emerging around notice, choice, and data usage.

Geo-targeting, Location Data and Privacy Compliance

During this webinar we will discuss: 1) Ad tech business models that use geo-targeting and geo-filtering 2) Applicable self-regulatory rules (in particular, revisions to the NAI Code) and 3) Action the FTC has taken.

COPPA Compliance and the Ad Tech Ecosystem

This webinar will discuss how COPPA (the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) applies to the Ad Tech ecosystem. This will include 1) background on COPPA provisions and the data, websites, and apps COPPA governs, 2) special focus on third party platforms’ obligations and risks under COPPA, and 3) mitigation strategies for ad and online data platforms to avoid FTC and State Attorney General scrutiny.