Privacy Developments: What Will 2016 Bring?

Laws and best practices in the privacy, security, and advertising spaces move quickly – very quickly. It can be challenging to stay on top of new developments and trends. During the webinar, we will cover a variety of topics, including an FTC update and predictions; statutory standing and “harm”; updates on data breaches; telemarketing, big data and the Internet of Things; cybersecurity; Safe Harbor 2.0 and the new GDPR; and surveillance and information sharing.

Vendor Security: Managing and Meeting Clients’ Privacy and Security Expectations When You Hold Client Data

As offline and personal data has gone online and cross-channel marketing models have become ubiquitous, vendors are holding onto more “Client Data.” Brands are becoming increasingly conscious about protecting their data from breaches and data leakage. In this environment, vendors need strategies to satisfy brands (and their agencies) to prove that they are “security-mature.” During this webinar, we will discuss “security-mature” strategies and the legal compliance risks driving them.

PCI-DSS: A Step-by-Step Payment Card Security Approach

This webinar will focus on: 1) Appropriate Data Storage Decommissioning, 2) Network Segmentation, 3) Internal vs. External Vulnerability Scanning, 4)Incident Response, and 5) Card Brand Investigation Procedures Post-Breach.

Ad Tech: Navigating the Legal and Self-Regulatory Rules

This webinar will discuss what corporate and privacy counsel should know about cross-device targeting, offline-to-online data “onboarding,” and COPPA compliance, as well as principles regarding “Sensitive Data,” and how the NAI and DAA principles apply to ad platforms and their clients.